by A Choir of Wolves

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Second track to be on the upcoming Doubters EP. Shout out to Phoebe Rousseaux for the dope cover art!


This is the end of the road.
Time to pay for everything.
I can't feel a fucking thing.
The misery I've been through, the things I've seen,
They blind me.
You are dead, dead to me.
Nothing but a coward.
For everything you did to me,
This is the end of the road.
I can barely remember your face,
Disfigured in front of me.
Our memories are dead.
I'll take your fucking life away.
You've ruined everything we had.
And now I'll ruin you.
Say goodbye to everything you once held dear.
These are my famous last words to you.
Never forgive, never forget.
Have you even missed me yet?
Never forgive, never forget,
In my mind I'm desolate.
Fucking bitch!
My deathbed, covered in white sheets,
Soft as velvet.
I may not be alone,
But in my mind, I am desolate.
I can't feel a fucking thing.
A dead trend, a dead body.
How quickly, how quickly,
You got what you deserve.


released January 27, 2012



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A Choir of Wolves Ottawa, Ontario

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